Velcro Partition Foot

$80.00 + GST

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Velcro Partition Foot

The Velcro Partiton Foot enables you to stand a single screen or partition on its own

Compatible with the Velcro Screen Partitions in all three sizes

Black is the standard colour

There are other powdercoat colours available but these may incur extra charges

It would be wise to have two freestanding feet per partition

Shipped direct from our supplier to you so that we avoid unnecessary handling and to provide your product quickly

15 day lead time for shipping

Please note that the foot does protrude out from the screens to provide balance

These are made from aluminium they are not however flush with the floor and are best used along side desks or seating

A 10 year commercial warranty completes this package

In order to create spaces using screens there are other options such as any of our posts

Posts come in 120 degree or 90 degree options and three height options

If you are unsure of what additional items you require, please email us your floor plan and we can advise you

Installation is required, we suggest you use an experienced installer

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