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Returning to Work post-Covid

With Covid restrictions becoming less strict, people are starting to emerge from their home offices to head back to their office.  But… has that changed?  What once was an open office with shared spaces are going back to having seperations and private spaces.  How do you keep up?  You contact us for suggestions on how to keep staff apart.

how to seperate your staff

When you must work from Home

 Some times working from home is a must, but are all your staff set up correctly to work from home?  In the office you have had the professionals in telling you how to set your desk up, making sure your chair is the right one for you etc.  Has this been done at home?  Help your team be comfortable at home, whilst still being stylish by contacting us for options.
Home desk options

Relaxing Spaces

Having areas in your office that can be used as relaxing spaces or informal meeting spaces has become the norm.  

There are many different options to help create this type of feeling, but beginning this journey with some soft seating is a great place to start

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station seating

Quick Ship Lines

Our Quick ship lines are a range of desking, chairs and storage that are held in stock at our suppliers that they can ship to you within 7 Days of you placing an order.

Deliveries are caluclated on ground floor business deliveries, anything outside of this may incur delays with shipping.

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